About Flyhorse Consultancy Holding Limited

Flyhorse Consultancy Holding Limited is a professional financial advisor founded by experienced investment experts and bankers ,and focus on providing top-class advisory services on financing ,merges and acquisitions .

Flyhorse consultant persists in pursuing the basic value of management  “Honesty, Concentration, High Efficiency, Diligence, Win-Win partnership”. We consider our customer as our longtime partner, and to focus on assisting them to achieve their long-term tactics and business objectives. With our professional technology, strategic insight, profit optimization basis on integrity, we aim to achieve win-win for both side in deals and to give a hand for those excellent Chinese corporation to become the world leading company with the aid of financing.

Leading by professional teams with strong background in investment banking and financing, up to now,Flyhorse has successfully closed nearly 100 deals with a total transaction amount $2 billion in this related field.

Currently Flyhorse has set its headquarter in Shenzhen.

Business Summary

Advisory services on merges and acquisitions :

Our target customer: who intend to take internal capital restructure, merger and stock ownership transfer, combine and separate of the company, or to joint in the screening and selection of the merger target.We can provide the operating program and consulting service to assist our customer to carry out the project.

Financing consultant service:
◆being financing advisor for the company to bring in well-known domestic and oversea investment organizations.                      
◆analyzing the investment value of the target corporation for the coming 3 ~5 years through income forecasting.
◆providing business planning services, enterprise value assessment, detailed analysis of management team, technology level, market prospect, financial performance and so on.
◆overall revaluation of enterprise’s market scale、risk countermeasure, project of withdrawing form the market ect.

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